Puma Line STL

Integrated garage door as part of the facade cladding, finished with Renson blades.

Exclusive collaboration between L-Door and Renson

Clients who opt for the Puma Line STL get two renowned manufacturers of innovative materials for the price of one. Our collaboration with RENSON has resulted in a top-notch product that goes by the name of Puma Line STL. Not only your sectional garage door but also the facade cladding above and around will then be executed in RENSON blades. This gives your home an austere appearance and looks stunning.

Garage door with fixed walls and front door

If you want to go all out, L-DOOR can even fit your front door and also a window with these blades. When it comes to sectional garage doors, L-DOOR has been appointed the exclusive distributor of RENSON blades!

Vertical aluminium cladding

Facade and garage door integrated into one and the same surface, clad with vertically lined aluminium blades. The aluminium blades can be powder coated in a colour of choice. Extra options, such as timber or LED lighting in between the vertical lines are also available. Features such as these add an extra dimension to the whole, creating a completely unique look. This new type of cladding, always in combination with a garage door, will be available from November 2017.

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