Puma Line STX

Sectional doors that can be integrated with countless materials.

Your garage door incorporated into the same surface as the ventilated facade cladding

Always loved the austere look but favour a smooth finish? Then the Puma Line STX is exactly what you are looking for! For this range also, L-DOOR has joined forces with renowned manufacturers of qualitative cladding materials. Facade and door cladding in Trespa, Rockpanel and Eternit are only some of the options we can offer you.

Garage door becomes an architectural added value

The timeless design of the Puma Line STX is guaranteed to give your home's architectural concept an added value. The L-DOOR R&D department is on a constant quest for new applications and materials. Do you have an idea of your own? L-DOOR will be more than delighted to hear about it!

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