This dream home reveals its secrets

Designing your own home and being able to use it as a reference, the stuff that Architects’ dreams are made of and one Hans Van Steenkiste in Oud-Heverlee managed to fulfil: “The property typifies our contemporary style: sleek, yet welcoming.”

Often you’ll get a sense what a home looks like on the inside by looking at the facade. In this particular case, the facade is somewhat harder to ‘read’ and requires a little more effort. Let’s take a look at the various materials that were used.

The property typifies our contemporary style: sleek, yet welcoming.

Architect Hans Van Steenkiste

If we walk up closer, the combination of materials catches the eye. The rough facade stone contrasts beautifully with the L-Door Puma Line STL. The architect-client chose to get the sectional garage door to visually disappear into the sleek design. Both the door and the adjoining cladding are in Renson Linius, a CRE-8-IVE by L-Door concept.

Source: Home Sweet Home magazine
Photographs: Nick Cannaerts