Nature Line STL / Free Willy

In Meeuwen-Gruitrode, a long farmhouse was rebuilt from scratch and given a sleek and modern look. The Nature Line STL clad in Outdoor Wood Concept was the perfect choice for this particular concept. Owner Lene Clijsters tells us why she decided to join forces with L-DOOR.

How did you hear about L-DOOR and their product range?

I discovered L-DOOR at Batibouw in Brussels Expo.

Can you give us a short description of the dwelling's concept?

Our project involved rebuilding a farmhouse in a valuable rural area. The existing dwelling and farmyard stables were completely demolished and replace with a modern, long farmhouse, consisting of a dwelling, garage and stables for horses. Our home looks like a typical long farmhouse, yet sleek and contemporary thanks to the modern materials we used like the joint-free, dark grey brick, the smooth roof tiles and the large aluminium windows. To add some interest to the long, closed facade we decided to clad a significant part in timber and to also incorporate two garage doors in the cladding.

As we wanted our facade to be a real eye-catcher, we are thrilled that the result is exactly what we had hoped for.

Lene Clijsters, owner

What requirements did the door have to meet in this particular project?

We wanted the two sectional garage doors to be clad in horizontal timber slats so as to form one whole with the contiguous facade cladding.

Why did you opt for L-DOOR?

The fact that L-DOOR could install the doors and fit the cladding was the deciding factor. This gave us the guarantee that the cladding and the doors would blend in seamlessly, which is essential to our concept. The fact that L-DOOR is an old hand at cladding doors in horizontal timber blades, gave us the peace of mind we needed.

How would you rate the collaboration during the various stages of the project?

The collaboration was smooth and efficient. Communication was always clear and all the arrangements made were adhered to to the letter.

How do you feel about the finish and the end result?

We are extremely happy with the end result. As we wanted our facade to be a real eye-catcher, we are thrilled that the result is exactly what we had hoped for. Measuring and production preparation went without a hitch. The fitters did their job with tremendous eye for detail. We couldn't fail the after-sales service either. For instance, one of the wooden slats got damaged during fitting and was replaced without any hassle. In sum, we are extremely happy with L-DOOR and would definitely work with them again.