Integrated garage doors are an eye-catcher

A client shares his experience

How did you hear about L-DOOR and their product range?

We discovered L-DOOR at Batibouw and then checked their website for further information.

Can you give us a short description of the dwelling's concept?

We wanted the entrance door and the garage doors to be a flush, integrated set. We opted for a design where the entrance is at basement level (instead of steps on the side of the dwelling, leading to the entrance).

What requirements did the door have to meet in this particular project?

We consider the door to be the eye-catcher of our home. The door had to be sleek, modern and functional.

Why did you opt for L-DOOR?

Once we had compared L-DOOR with another supplier we opted for L-DOOR because the price difference was minimal. What really tilted the balance in L-DOOR's favour was the fact that they are nearby.

How would you rate the collaboration during the various stages of the project?

From sale to the project's completion, we always had a good feeling.